When you spend time in a country-based bingo hall or casino, some of the fun is the people around you. Certainly, online bingo is great, but there are nothing like the odd players you find in the flesh. We talked about happy charm at the bingo tables, but what about sadness at the bingo slots?

There are some great slots in the bingo clubs in the UK and each time it’s fun to spend time instead of dabbing. I sat down to a slot machine pulling me there. Perhaps it was the lights, the sounds or maybe it was a sign of good things that would come.

When I was comfortable, I looked around and a man played next to me a lock at £ 5 per spin. I thought it was a little risky for my taste, but I thought he had a unique way of playing. He would turn at £ 5 and after every spin he pressed the “bet” button 5 times before turning it back. I looked at the slot I played and thought it would be a good idea to “repeat bets”. What was he thinking about? Every couple of spins he also pulled the handle. In his mind, this was completely rational and he influenced his chances.

At this point, I hardly pay attention to my own game. His lock played a bonus spin with a wheel above the machine. Every time you have awarded a bonus spin, you must hit the spin and look at the wheel. He almost waited for a few seconds as if he was praying before taking the bonus spin. He kept his fingers running across the screen and touching the rules. To be honest, he had the worst luck of someone I had ever seen.

Perhaps you are a player who has such rituals when you run on slots. Perhaps you thought everyone was doing this. Perhaps you think the handle pulls, the wheels will reset randomly. Do you still think you’re not superstitious? Think again! We are all superstitious gamblers in our own ways

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