You know the night, oh, it’s the accurate time to be with the one you love. You know I love you, I always think of you

Hey baby, oh, I said, a baby!

According to Ray Charles, the night is the accurate time. I should agree on bingo. The bingo rooms can be filled with room that all compete for the same price and can go against this group, being monotonous. You get that sinking feeling that you have not won, you continue to buy the maximum cards game after game. How can we catch a break?

The night is the accurate time for bingo. One of my absolute favorite bingo sites is Jackpot joy Bingo and they are always busy. The bingo rooms seem to slow down in the evenings. I would say about 9:30 and beyond is the best time to play bingo. There are still many games that have great prizes, but you do not have 500 players playing in the same game.
One evening I logged in and hit the Bejeweled Bingo room. It just happened after 21:00 in the UK and the room was cleared almost every time. I bought the maximum number of bingo tickets and played a game. I have won more than £ 90 and almost went off my seat. I bought in the next game and won just over 200 pounds.

To test my theory of night time bingo, I went the next evening for a little Deal of No Deal Bingo. The room was not so busy and I won my third game. This does not mean that I suddenly believe I always win, but the odds are significantly better with fewer players in the room. During the day you do not pull slowly. Mothers are at home while the boys are at school and people are at home for various reasons. Some of us can even play out of work or on our mobile phones. Those who have played all day have to sleep at some point, accurate?

That’s why I said, the evening, oh, is the accurate time!

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