I am often asked by my customers what a crime of a DWI or other offense will mean for their future work prospects in the state of New York. I am proud of a native New Yorker, born Brooklyn, raised, and a graduate of the School of Hard Knocks. Although I now enjoy the practice of criminal defense laws in beautiful and picturesque Ithaca, NY.

The more I learn from the legal self-esteem inherent in New York’s laws, I shake and shout. My blog is about how a previous criminal conviction may affect the application for a professional license in New York State.

A hairdresser’s license, Boxer’s License and Check Cashier license are all discretionary in NYS. For a Boxer or Wrestler or check, apply for a NY driving license which means that they may be refused a license (permission) to box or wrestle or checks professionally if the applicant is convicted of a crime or is dealing with someone convicted of a crime. Consorting is defined as a company or association with. NYS is aware of the ones you choose to hang out. Your friends can charge you a license.
For those who have a hairdressing certificate, a crime or offense with moral turpitude or for the usual abuse of drugs can cause suspension or revocation of that license.

Bingo Operators and Distributors have excluded a NYS license for conviction under Article 435 (2) (c) (1).

Licensed Electricians may have the ability to win a life suspended or withdrawn if convicted of a crime under the NYC Management Code Section 27-3016 (1) (vii). Interestingly Licensed Plumbers do not stand for such restrictions. Sanitation Employees may be punished or fired for conviction of any legal offense, behavior detrimental to public rest or welfare, or immoral conduct under the NYC Admin Code section 16-106. In NYS, the illegal possession of marijuana (UPM) is considered a crime, so technically you could lose your job as a trash man for having a joint.

That brings me to the GOOD NEWS, to the many professional professions in which a crime crime does not contain any restrictions on obtaining a NYS license:
You can feel confident that you can be an Accountant (CPA), Acupuncturist, Architect, Attorney, Baby Chick, Chiropractor, Controlled Chemical Manufacturer, Dentist, Dentist, Deputy Sheriff, Engineer, Insurance Securities, Midwife, Nurse, Nutritionist, Occupational Therapist, Optometrist, Pharmacist, Physiotherapist, Doctor, Physician’s Assistant, Penologist, Psychologist, Securities Broker, Social Worker, Pathologist, Teacher, or Veterinarian with a criminal conviction on your record.

For anyone with dreams to be a Professional Bingo Operator, Boxer or Barber, I promise my best to fight what costs you are in the future. In the meantime, take a deep breath and realize the world of possibilities for future NYS license status in so many beautiful professions will not be affected by a crime DWI or other criminal conviction.

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